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Equipment and utensils for baking and cooking

of the accessory essential kitchen utensils practical for baking and cooking like professionals such as spatula, electronic scale, digital thermometer, silicone mat, cookie cutters, pastry bag, maryse, turntable to make dream cakes.

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Cook your cake recipes with our pastry accessories

If you operate a bakery, a café, a restaurant, a market stand or simply a pastry shop at home, it is important to have a varied selection of equipment and utensils available for decorating cakes and chocolates.

By tapping into our Cake Decorating Accessories Store, you'll find all the products you need to add intricate details, colorful icings, toppings and more to your baked goods and cupcakes !

Whether you're baking desserts for a formal event or selling individual cakes in your store, our selection of accessories will help make the decorating process easier and more efficient. Pastry piping bags , adaptable tips and fittings are some of the most used baking utensils for decorating cakes . They allow you to use the icing on your desserts in letters, flowers, hearts and other shapes.

Also discover our collection of kitchen spatulas and pastry spatulas

The silicone spatula is essential because it allows you to apply smooth and regular layers of fondant icing . Our turntables are also essential to help you glaze hard-to-reach areas on your layer cakes, angel cakes or simply to achieve a colorful spray with the chocolate gun on your desserts.

As a professional in cake decorating supplies , we also offer a wide range of products that help you make special cakes for weddings and other high-end events. Our chocolate gun , food airbrush , velvet spray and adjustable smoothing spatula allow you to make birthday cakes on several floors, while our paint booths allow you to protect your work surface during your recipes for mirror icing or spray spraying color on your homemade desserts .

Add decorations to your desserts with our decoration kits

With our other filling utensils or our Valrhona chocolates . By making not only delicious pastries but also gourmet recipes , you can increase the quality of your pastry creations in your shop window or kitchen. Whether customers are coming to order a custom cake for a party or you're baking multiple cakes for your loved ones, we have all the cake making and cake decorating utensils and equipment you need.

Restock your stocks or invest in new and unique utensils to expand your catalog of recipes ! For even more originality that will help you in the baking process, don't forget to check out our cake molds and our pastry molds as well as our bakery equipment !

Our cake molds and chocolate molds

These molds are also available in our other categories! If you're wondering where to buy cake decorating supplies, we've got a huge selection of cake and baking decorating supplies at the lowest prices. Commonly used to decorate cakes, cupcakes and other baked goods , pastry bags and nozzles are versatile tools that can be used for many different tasks in the kitchen.

Using pastry bags

To pipe meringue on your pastries, cake batter in your mold, or pipe mashed potatoes on your savory recipe . In this buying guide , we review the different types of pastry bags and matching pastry tips , as well as their uses, to help you find the ideal solutions for your cooking , baking or baking recipes. Having the right decorating tips is essential for any bakery, patisserie, restaurant, as it gives you options for decorating baked goods .

Decorative utensils individually or in batches

You can order exactly the quantity you need or a decoration kit to start decorating your layer cake, wedding cake or wedding cake . The piping bag tips are made from durable materials like stainless steel or nickel-plated steel, which gives them a long life. Steel sockets must be washed by hand and dried immediately afterwards to avoid the formation of rust unlike stainless steel sockets . The plastic sockets do not risk rusting but can break when falling on the ground.

Also, you should never wash your decorating tips in the dishwasher. Stainless steel socket bits are also classified into different families based on the size and shape of their openings, and different families are used for different purposes. You will find below a list of the most common types of socket bits and their use: plain socket, smooth socket, saint honoré socket , flat socket, log socket, petal socket, wavy socket, fluted socket , star socket, flower socket, leaf socket, Christmas socket, etc...