Collection: 3D silicone molds

Here is our collection of 3d silicone molds for all those who dream of making beautiful cakes and desserts without difficulty.

The 3d cake mold is ideal for easily making pretty original cakes and desserts in volume like the greatest pastry chefs.

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3D Silicone Molds and Creative Patisserie
Thanks to these soft silicone molds you will easily make pastries and cakes with incredible shapes. For a birthday or a children's snack, take out your 3D silicone mold and your recipe takes shape in a few minutes. Whether you opt for a cold dessert recipe or a cake in the oven, the easy unmolding of your cake will always be a success thanks to these flexible silicone moulds .

3D Silicone Cake Molds in Batches
A recipe book is offered with our silicone cake molds sold in sets: pour your preparation into a 3D silicone animal mold or a 3D heart silicone mold or the 3D silicone mold of your choice, wait a few minutes in the freezer or in the oven to obtain a 3-dimensional cake that you can cover with a pretty gourmet chocolate icing or spray several colors of food pigments using our pastry airbrush .

Surprise your loved ones or get ready for the next Best Pastry Chef events to bluff Mercotte and Cyril Lignac 🎂 🍰 🧁

3D Silicone molds of several shapes
With these 3D silicone molds , high-end baking will become child's play. Discover several forms of 3D Halloween silicone molds , 3D flower silicone molds , 3D cloud silicone molds or even a 3D rubik's cake silicone mold from the famous French pastry chef Cédric Grolet.

Soft and Flexible 3D Silicone Mold
The 3D silicone mold is a revolution in the world of baking and your only limit is your imagination. The greediest will rather choose large volume 3D silicone molds , such as the 3D round silicone mold or the 3D rectangular silicone mold . While the most passionate among you will opt for original 3D silicone molds , such as the origami silicone mold or the Russian tales silicone mold .

Non-stick 3D silicone mold
Each 3D silicone mold is infinitely reusable and its easy cleaning under tap water will make your family recipes easier. No need to butter a silicone mold because its surface is non-stick. Silicone molds are not dangerous for health and children will be able to participate in cooking recipes or try to make their first chef's cake in the shape of a car or 3D animal for the pleasure of the eyes and the taste buds.

Make surprising heart-shaped cakes with our heart silicone molds for your loved ones and the people you love the most.