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Complete Kits for Pastry or Chocolate

The most complex recipes will become child's play thanks to our selection of tailor-made baking utensils as well as our recipes supplied with our pastry kits and our chocolate kits .

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Create delicious desserts for parties large and small with these homemade silicone cake molds and chocolate molds . Along with piping bags and cupcake moulds, these silicone molds are essential for any amateur baker . If you really want to wow your friends and family, a silicone cake pan will be your best friend. You can even find special cake molds for desserts, sponge cakes, individual pastries and many other surprises. Explore all the recipe possibilities by browsing our collection of classic and original cake pans with our free recipe book .

How to use Cake Molds?

If you've ever had trouble removing a cake from a traditional cake pan , consider getting a silicone cake pan. This type of pan is designed so that you can easily expose the sides of your cake after baking. This makes it much easier to frost and decorate your homemade cake and show it off. The bottom and sides will always be perfectly unmolded, so that when you fill your silicone mold with paste, it won't run at all. When the cake has finished baking, let it cool completely. Then, all you have to do is unmold it to decorate it with a sublime mirror glaze or a gourmet chocolate ganache . The silicone molds are perfect for preparing a variety of sweet and savory recipes, including cheesecakes, ice cream cakes, fruit pies, chocolate cakes , lasagna and chicken pies.

How to make homemade pastries?

Buying pastries from a local bakery can be quite expensive. In order to be able to make your homemade baked goods with fresher flavors and at an affordable price, you need to have the right tools. The new baking utensils can help take your recipes to the next level. If you already use classic molds to make cakes, use a silicone spatula and decorative sachets with tips to obtain fabulous icing effects. Use cookie scoops and cookie cutters to spread perfectly portioned dough onto your cookie sheets. Dough scrapers, dough cutters and pastry brushes work with delicate pastries.

Silicone Pastry Molds

Prepare your kitchen for all your gourmet recipes by purchasing quality stainless steel or silicone items from our online store. This collection of specials includes everything you'll need to bring your baking dreams to life. Whether you're baking a classic birthday cake for a friend, cupcakes and cookies for a special event, or pies and more, these baking utensils are just what you need to accomplish your recipe . Get ready to create delicious memories with the people you love when you bake with our silicone cake molds in your kitchen.

Cheap Baking Molds

Our selection of pastry equipment and utensils on sale allows you to experiment in your kitchen with new and exciting recipes . With baking pans for cookies , cakes and desserts, it becomes easy to create sweet treats that your family and friends will love. Whether you're baking small pastries for a special event or just want to test your pastry chef skills with a new personal challenge, you're sure to be inspired by these specialty pastry and bakery items .

How to make homemade Madeleines and Flan?

Some of the most delicate and irresistible desserts require special cooking tools. If you plan to make any of these delicacies, you will need special molds that will give your sweet pastry or shortcrust pastry the correct texture when it comes out of the oven. For example, madeleines have a unique shell-like shape. However, they are not made using any cookie cutter. Instead, you need a madeleine pan that has shallow depressions in which the batter cooks properly. This same process applies to other delicious baked goods like donuts and even homemade breads . For desserts like flan, an adjustable pastry ring is used to achieve perfectly smooth sides and a round shape. Using the right mold or frame, you can easily create these homemade dessert classics in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Essential Pastry Material

Not sure where to start your bakery collection ? COOK FIRST offers you a whole range of products designed to help you achieve your most ambitious cooking goals . Start with a set of stainless steel baking sheets , which can be used for everything from cookies to pizza dough to chocolate cake . To create your favorite pastries, choose from our selection of cake molds and cupcake molds . Make it even easier to choose the promotional items you need by selecting one of our all-in-one baking kits . You will also find sets of silicone molds designed to make cold or hot desserts with a pastry chef 's result, and other comforting desserts . You'll also find specialist baking accessories designed to create impressive cake decorations with our Airbrush and Airbrush Kit for Beginners .

The Best Utensils for Amateur Pastry Chefs

Thanks to our silicone pastry moulds, you are free to bake your cake in the oven or let your dessert cool in the freezer . the oven is obviously essential to obtain gourmet smells . We also have other pastry tools and accessories to help you succeed with your recipes, such as our digital scales, our silicone spatulas that will save you a lot of time and avoid waste . Stainless steel mixing bowls and measuring cups are also two essential tools for home baking , although these handy items are also used for preparing kitchen dishes. Use baking utensils and rolling pins to make the dough for any sweet or savory recipe , and quickly work small biscuits, cookies, brownies with stainless steel cookie cutters and small silicone moulds . Buy the complete pastry kits and sets of silicone molds for beginners or amateurs today at COOK FIRST and save your money. Also discover all our food packaging you need to transport your creations.