Collection: Pie Silicone Molds

The Silicone Tart Mold makes it possible to make any pie recipe a success without buttering the mould, whether it is puff pastry, short crust pastry or sweet pastry.

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Individual Tart Silicone Mold

The Individual Tart Silicone Mold makes it easy to make tartlets with original shapes; Heart-shaped chocolate tartlet , raspberry tartlet in the shape of a small boat, lemon tartlet in the shape of a pastry bag.

With just 1 silicone tartlet mold, make 8 to 9 original tartlets with or without a perforated stainless steel ring for tart base baking worthy of a pastry chef at home.

This type of small silicone mold also makes it easy to make pastry inserts ; log insert, flowing insert, chocolate insert, raspberry insert, mango passion fruit insert, entremet insert, etc...

Tart Silicone Mold 20cm

The 20cm Silicone Tart Mold is the most used by pastry lovers. This ideal size allows you to make pies to share with the family.

The Silicone Tart Mold has the advantage of not sticking to your pie during cooking or when unmolding.

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Try the soft silicone mold and you'll never use all your other stiff, hard to wash and store cake molds again.

Other rectangular silicone molds allow you to make eclairs recipes or logs as desserts or homemade pastries.