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The Pastry nozzle is essential for pastry piping . For decorating cakes, entremets, macaroon, meringue, chocolate or simply to garnish cabbage or pipe éclairs and other pastries, we have the stainless steel nozzle or the plastic nozzle you need here.

Insert your pastry nozzle into your piping bag and you're ready to work miracles! Which is the best piping bag?The one that will suit you best because they are all functional; homemade parchment paper pouch , reusable silicone pouch , disposable food plastic pouch .

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All our pastry nozzles are of different shapes that will easily fit on all silicone or disposable piping bags . Our polycarbonate sockets, stainless steel sockets , will be cheaper in a box than individually for professionals or individuals.

How to use a socket?

Insert the nozzle at the end of the piping bag then pour your preparation into the pocket . Do not hesitate at the beginning to insert your pocket in a container in order to use it as a support. Squeeze and turn the top of the pocket to center your cream in the pastry bag by evacuating the air trapped between the nozzle and the cream. Position your piping bag 1cm from your work surface and squeeze the piping bag with the hand holding the bag closed. The other hand serves as a guide for professional piping .

Which nozzle to use for Meringue?

The smooth nozzle or the fluted nozzle for the original meringues.

What is a Fluted Socket?

The fluted nozzle is ideal for piping pastries such as Paris Brest, Eclairs, Millefeuilles, etc...

How to use a Sultane nozzle?

Very simple and quick to use, you just have to push the sultana nozzle to the bottom of a pastry bag and gently press it upwards. It is the ideal socket for making beautiful crowns of cream like on nuns!

Which nozzle to make Macaroons?

A smooth stainless steel nozzle for a regular and homogeneous flow. Poaching macaroons must be quick and round so as not to increase the temperature of the macaron cream .

Which nozzle to decorate Cupcakes?

The star nozzle is the most beautiful for a successful cupcake piping every time in the shape of a swirl piping .

Which nozzle to pipe Eclairs?

The fluted stainless steel nozzle is preferred because it makes it easy to pipe a flash in the shape of a regular choux pastry stick and sufficiently spaced to rise well in your oven.

How to use a St-Honoré nozzle?

Put the saint honoré tip on your cake and with the movement of your wrist create beautiful waves by pressing your piping bag gently.

Pastry nozzle

Some of our sets of pastry nozzles are equipped with very easy-to-use pastry bags. All you have to do is make your choice of pastry nozzle according to your recipe, such as the perfect Saint Honoré nozzle for filling small puffs of the same size and decorating your pastry like a real chef.

Professional Socket

Indispensable in baking , professional nozzles are also used in the kitchen. Kitchen nozzles are ideal for poaching pretty dumplings, decorating verrines or easily garnishing your stuffed vegetables with salted whipped cream or flavored whipped cream.

Pastry piping bag

The pastry piping bag is the pocket that contains your cream to pipe on your cake or dessert to make a piping pastry decoration. The professional piping bag is made of washable fabric while other more practical piping bags are made of reusable silicone or disposable plastic .

What size piping bag?

The more piping cream recipes you have, the better you choose a large piping bag . There are also piping bag rolls for lovers of pastry piping or smaller piping bags for those who prefer piping small decorative patterns on cookies and macaroons.

Also discover our collection of pastry whisks .