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The cake turntable is the essential accessory for all lovers of layer cake, molly cake, birthday cake, unicorn cake, smoothing naked cake, mirror icing of your dessert.

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Using a turntable for decorating cakes, desserts and pastries offers several advantages:

  1. Easy access to all parts of the cake: One of the main advantages of a turntable is that it allows you to easily access all parts of the cake without having to move it. You can rotate the tray to comfortably reach all angles and sides of the cake while decorating. This greatly facilitates the process and allows you to achieve an even finish.
  2. More precise work: The pastry turntable provides stability and smooth rotation, which facilitates precise decorating work. You can apply icings, creams, ganaches or decorations with more control and precision. Rotating the tray lets you adjust your working position without having to move the cake, helping you achieve cleaner patterns and more professional finishes.
  3. Time saving: Thanks to the rotating pastry tray , you can save time when decorating your cakes. The smooth rotation allows you to apply frostings or decorations more quickly and efficiently because you don't have to constantly stop and reposition the cake. This can be especially useful when working on large cakes or bulk orders.
  4. Enhanced presentation: The turntable cake stand enhances the presentation of your cakes and desserts. By allowing uniform and precise decoration, it helps to create professional finishes that will impress your guests or clients. You can easily rotate the tray to show all sides of the cake when presenting it, which is especially useful at events or exhibitions.
  5. Ergonomic comfort: Using a manual turntable while decorating cakes provides ergonomic comfort. You can maintain a stable and comfortable working position while rotating the tray as needed. This reduces fatigue and muscle tension, which is especially beneficial when decorating intricate cakes or long decorating sessions.

In summary, the use of a pastry turntable facilitates access to all parts of the cake, improves the precision and quality of decoration, saves time and provides an aesthetic presentation. It is a practical and essential tool for lovers of baking kits and professionals who want to obtain impeccable results when decorating their creations.