Collection: Fruit Silicone Molds

These silicone fruit molds are extraordinary because behind their apparent simplicity of fruit hides little be a cake or a dessert.

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Fruit Silicone Mold
These fruit-shaped molds are the favorite flexible silicone molds of some pastry chefs who love trompe l'oeil cakes such as chef Cédric Grolet and his famous trompe l'oeil fruit desserts of all kinds; apple, lemon, hazelnut, avocado, pear, cherry, etc... the result is stunning!

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The mold in the shape of fruits x6 allows you to make several portions for your guests. With the apple fruit silicone mold it is possible to obtain a green apple, yellow apple, red apple by spraying a coloring spray using the food airbrush . A few seconds are enough to transform your trompe l'oeil dessert with or without shiny effect, matte effect, velvet effect.

Fruit Tart Silicone Mold
Using a silicone fruit mold of small sizes you can recreate the illusion of a trompe l'oeil fruit pie. It is possible to pour melted chocolate into these fruit-shaped molds in order to obtain small homemade chocolates that you will spray with red edible coloring for example to make small chocolate trompe l'oeil strawberries .

It is even possible to make savory desserts in these fruit molds in order to create an additional surprise for your guests when they think of eating a fruit or a sweet dessert. Thanks to the silicone food mold you can pour very hot or very cold preparations without any worries. That's why chefs around the world love them!

Other silicone cake molds allow you to make an easy and more traditional cake than a fruit-shaped trompe l'oeil cake .