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COOK FIRST your equipment supplier for innovative pastry and creative chocolate at low prices. Quality Destocking of Pastry Utensils and Chocolate Accessories . Make your best recipes with all our Silicone Molds for Cakes or Desserts, our Polycarbonate Chocolate Molds , our Stainless Steel Pie Rings, as well as Chocolate Gun , Pastry Airbrush , Spatulas, Maryses, Piping Bags, etc...

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It's your turn to make and share with your loved ones your homemade pastries and chocolates (cakes, desserts, cupcakes, muffins, sponge cake, mousse, whipped cream, caramel, cookies, madeleines, ganaches, meringues, fondant, soft, sugar paste, candies, etc...)
We put at your disposal on our Pastry Blog the recipes of the greatest emblematic and contemporary chefs of French Chocolate and Pastry .
All the equipment used to make these recipes as well as the accessories and baking utensils are available on our COOK FIRST online store.

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Cook First only offers a carefully selected range of different baking and cake decorating accessories and utensils , spatulas, piping bags, silicone moulds , polycarbonate molds or stainless steel moulds, and other kitchen equipment.

cake decoration

are made from food-grade materials, which guarantees easy and comfortable use, always with the desired result. We also have several pastry decorating tools: sugar paste cutters, alphabet and number moulds, chocolate mould, beginner's chocolate kit , cake decorating kits for amateurs.

Cake molds

and a wide selection of themed metal cutters for cookies, sugar paste and marzipan. In our online store, you will also find silicone molds in several original shapes ideal for birthday cakes or other gourmet parties. Thanks to the opinions of our customers, we are constantly improving the quality of our cake decorating products.

Making an original cake with a tart mould, springform mould, non-stick mould , cake moulds, silicone log mould, cake moulds, silicone cake mold becomes child's play. Modern recipe options have evolved, as bakers these days have more utensil choices than old Pyrex or metal pans. From now on, creative pastry enthusiasts swear by the use of food-grade silicone .

Silicone Molds

offer unique benefits and compromises over older cake pans, pie pans, loaf pans. From now on, pastry lovers have the choice of a wide range of non-stick silicone baking moulds, adapted to contemporary cake recipes. Thanks to our selection of food-grade silicone moulds , you make the choice to modernize pastry with 3D cakes in the colors of your choice with our food colorings.

Silicone is a very durable natural rubber product that is made in different shapes. 3D mold makers use food-grade silicone for different kinds of pastry utensils (maryse, spatula, mat), all these silicone accessories are approved by the EEC and can be used without danger for food.

There are hundreds of silicone mold sizes and shapes; round silicone mold, rectangle silicone mold, square silicone mold, heart silicone mold, flower silicone mold, because this flexible mold is very easy to handle. In the Cook First pastry mold range you will find a silicone cake mold for every occasion such as the dessert mold or the ice cream mold for example. One of the biggest advantages of using silicone is how it withstands extreme variations in temperature level (hot or cold).

Silicone utensils

undoubtedly withstand both cold and hot as modern silicone is guaranteed to withstand temperatures ranging from -60C to +230C. Obviously silicones have a remarkable tolerance to heat and are never placed directly over an open flame or burner. In general, it's often a good idea to store silicone molds on a cookie sheet or perhaps in an oven instead of placing them directly on the wire rack, which helps you avoid spills. Same recommendation for silicone kitchen utensils .

Other grade of silicone

is that it is an excellent insulator, which means that it cools immediately after being cooked evenly. While pans like metal retain their heat, silicone baking sheets and mats are cool enough to handle within minutes of taking them out of the oven.

When using a silicone mold , you can of course bring your baked goods directly from the oven to the table, making them even more appetizing in their baking molds and avoiding dirtying another serving dish to unmold your cake. You can also try serving a simple quiche or in your round cake pan or a panna cotta in your silicone muffin cups .

Using silicone baking pans helps reduce calories without having to choose your favorite recipes, as food grade silicone is generally a natural non-stick. There's no need to use fat or oil when making your homemade recipe, even with the more decorative pans with sharp corners or intricate designs. It is therefore unnecessary to butter the silicone molds .

Dessert mold

Thanks to the texture of the flexible silicone mold, it is possible to take a cake out of its mold without it being crumbled or with broken edges. Unmolding your baked cakes is as easy as pie. No more struggling to drag a toothpick around the edges of the mold and risk ruining the recipe. 3D silicone molds allow you to make elegant cakes, because you can take out your desserts in two simple movements. Also, gently pushing and flexing the sides and bottom of the molds tends to help and give the 3D mold a bit of twisting and bending to easily achieve intact desserts.

In the past, kitchens had rusty metal and stubborn stains, but silicone kitchen utensils are much easier to maintain and also cleaner than Pyrex or metal. The silicone is dishwasher safe, and simply rinse the mold with warm soapy water. No need to use abrasive sponges for cleaning if you don't want to leave your cookware marked with scars.

Pastry mold

Stainless steel baking pans do not rust but seem to have only one limited function in your kitchen whereas silicone baking pans may have much more to do than cakes and pastries. These molds transform all kinds of textures into non-food craft and artistic products and in particular the silicone molds can be used as soap molds for example.

You can try all your homemade recipes, from making chilled desserts like cold entremets or flavored cream ice creams to chocolates. For example, the silicone muffin mold is great for preparing savory desserts or mini desserts in individual portions or even for preparing frozen seasoning portions in the freezer. The cheap silicone mold is a good investment that cannot break when falling. The little pods usually make it incredibly easy to pop out each of the squares, depending on your needs. However, you may need to keep in mind these few maintenance and cleaning precautions, because it is obvious that silicone has an advantage over pyrex or metal.

Summary of the main advantages of food grade silicone in your kitchen :

  • It is very easy to use and unmold these recipes easily.
  • No more need to use oils or greases for mold releases.
  • It is lightweight and very easy to store.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean, and there is no rust or stains.
  • It can be used with all your favorite recipes and pastries and more.
  • It tends to cool quickly for easier handling.
  • It is used as a perfectly colored serving dish.

Here are some tips to keep in mind about food grade silicone :

You may need to be very careful not to use anything abrasive or sharp when cleaning the silicone , cutting or even serving so as not to damage the molds. You just need to keep your molds away from the flames of the burners and away from the fire.