Who are we

Why buy from Cook First?

COOK FIRST is an online store whose mission is to democratize ordinary products reserved for professionals.

Our shop negotiates partnerships directly with manufacturers in order to provide our customers with unbeatable prices by eliminating all intermediaries until online sales.

Everything was not so easy at first because only professionals had access to the equipment suppliers of pastry chefs and artisan chocolate makers. It was a huge frustration for us too who were pastry enthusiasts.

Our mission ?

Now our team is made up of enthusiasts and professionals from the world of CHR , pastry chefs and cooks. Thanks to great collaborations with famous Parisian pastry chefs and candidates for TV shows who have become famous, we have been able to help many amateurs realize their dreams.

Our online store provides everyone with recipes , advice and shopping guides to easily make cakes, desserts, chocolates and other surprising pastries.

Did you know ?

The articles that have the most success with our customers are undoubtedly the food-grade silicone molds because they have unique qualities that have revolutionized the world of pastry.

Their supple and flexible texture allows them to make homemade cake recipes when cooked in the oven above +200°C as well as recipes for frozen desserts in the freezer down to -60°C.

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Disclaimer: COOK FIRST has no partnership with Mercotte or LMP or any other online shop of similar colors.

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