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Pro Laser Aiming Thermometers | Pastry and Kitchen

Pro Laser Aiming Thermometers | Pastry and Kitchen

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Pro Laser Aiming Thermometer

Laser sight thermometer with an accuracy of +/- 2°C.
Infrared measurement of food surface temperature , remotely, without contact, for perfect hygiene. The laser thermometer is ideal for checking the temperature when receiving goods or for checking in the storage area. Due to its ease of use, the pastry laser thermometer will also save you a lot of time.

Tips for using the thermometer:

1/ The infrared thermometer takes the temperature at the surface, unlike a probe thermometer which takes the temperature at heart. Therefore, depending on the product or preparation, the temperature may vary.

2/ For an accurate measurement, do not place the infrared thermometer too far from the surface to be tested.

3/ If the ambient temperature is too different from that of the product to be tested, allow the infrared thermometer time to adapt.

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