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pastry food airbrush
The pastry airbrush is a compressed air gun that sprays food coloring on cakes, entremets, chocolate or any homemade dessert. Create your own colors and visual effects without limits!

Pastry Airbrush

Once the food airbrush is in hand, you won't be able to help but want to paint your birthday cakes, Christmas logs, layer cakes, and other pastries.

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Which food airbrush to choose?

Thanks to Cook First, airbrushing is no longer reserved for professionals.
This is what the airbrush you need to choose looks like:

  • The cup is the reservoir to accommodate the food coloring to be sprayed. The pastry airbrush is equipped with a cup facing upwards, to make it easier to hold and to allow food-grade paint to be sprayed with great precision.
  • The trigger or snap button controls the spray rate of the food coloring. This button allows you to control both the flow of paint sprayed but also the flow of air expelled to increase or decrease the intensity of the colors.
  • The stylus , also called a pistol by amateurs, allows you to hold your airbrush like a pen. It guarantees an optimal grip of the pastry airbrush while spraying the spray paint.
  • The exit nozzle is the hole through which the liquid to be sprayed will come out.
  • The flexible connection hose , on which the airbrush compressor is connected.
  • The compressor included in our pastry airbrush kit is the part that sends compressed air to the airbrush and allows it to spray the liquid dye in the form of a spray.

How to paint on a cake?

Many cake decorating enthusiasts want to paint on a cake and wonder how to use an airbrush in baking?

The use of our food airbrush has been simplified to the maximum so that even beginners can have fun decorating their homemade cake.

To spray your food colorings, it is best to respect a certain distance from your target and to constantly make small movements from left to right during the spraying . In order for the cake painting to be homogeneous, we recommend the use of a turntable .

If you spray too close to your cake or in a static way then you risk creating a big spot of paint that will run on your cake. It may be a good decoration idea for Halloween, otherwise don't hesitate to watch our video tutorials in our airbrush blog article: How to choose your airbrush for pastry?

Which food airbrush dye to choose?

The ideal colorant for your edible paint gun should be liquid. If your food coloring is not liquid enough then we advise you to dilute it in melted cocoa butter before pouring it into the cup of your airbrush. Some of our food airbrush kits are sold with the appropriate food coloring .

No chocolate or cocoa in your pastry airbrush ! For this there is another accessory available on our online store called the Chocolate Gun and which is used to spray chocolate on all your entremets and desserts.

How to clean a food airbrush?

Maintaining your pastry airbrush is quick and easy . Just rinse it with water between two different colors unless you want to create a rainbow spray for a unicorn cake for example.

In addition, between each use, it is essential to clean the airbrush with airbrush cleaning fluid or, of course, with 90° alcohol. The alcohol will prevent the food coloring from drying inside the gun. Then using an airbrush cleaning brush (included in our pastry airbrush kit ) or a simple cotton swab to remove the inside of the stylus.

If you do not want to also clean the walls of your kitchen covered with food paint then we recommend the use of a paint booth adapted to your new pastry decoration technique.

Thanks to your new pastry airbrush you will be able to make magnificent unicorn-shaped birthday cakes with rainbow color gradients for the happiness of adults and children!

Velvet Spray on Pastry

To do this, simply fill the airbrush cup with edible coloring and press the button to spray the coloring onto your cake. This control knob allows you to manage the airflow and the amount of food coloring sprayed .

In order not to damage your airbrush, it is essential to use airbrush food coloring . To spray properly, food coloring must be thin and runny enough to avoid clogging your airbrush.

Choose the edible airbrush to decorate your homemade cakes easily and surprise your loved ones!

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