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Round Silicone Mold

These round silicone molds are flexible and non-stick to facilitate the release of your cakes. The realization of pastries and desserts becomes child's play thanks to these resistant flexible silicone molds in high heat.

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The Round Silicone Cake Mold
The round cake mold is the most used of all molds and is found in all kitchens because its round shape allows you to make sweet or savory recipes. Food-grade silicone adds an extra quality to this essential pastry utensil because it is non-stick and non-stick. The qualities most appreciated by those who will be doing the washing up after the fun of cooking with the family.

The Flat Round Silicone Mold
This round silicone mold is the easiest to use for making easy pastries such as sponge cake or joconde biscuit. It is suitable for your interests and round shape cake recipes. The small round silicone mold is ideal for creating individual pastries or small round desserts or pastry dessert inserts less than 10cm in diameter.

The Top Round Silicone Mold
The round top silicone mold is as effective as the flat round silicone mold but allows you to make the same round biscuits and sponge cake with more height. This round high silicone mold is one of the ideal gift ideas for all those who love layer cake and high multi-tier cakes. It will be more practical than a cake pan or a classic round cake pan .

The Non-Stick Round Silicone Mold
The round silicone molds are non-stick unlike the traditional 24cm springform mold which must be buttered before each use. Thanks to the flexible food-grade silicone, your cake or dessert will always be unmolded without damage, regardless of the size of the round silicone mold 10cm , 20cm or 30cm in diameter.

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There are several types of round , flat, curved, 10cm, 20cm, 30cm high silicone molds or other silicone dessert molds with more original shapes.