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Pastry nozzle set + 3-color adapter

Pastry nozzle set + 3-color adapter

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Poaching pastry nozzle

Easily brighten up your pastries by making beautiful piping bags with this 3-color adapter. This adapter nozzle will allow you to combine 2 or 3 piping bags in one go to decorate your cakes, cupcakes or other desserts, very easily.

Triple color socket

This triple pocket tip is made up of 3 applicators that slip into the piping bag and a ring. The ring will join the three pastry bags , so that nothing moves during the application.

You can easily change the stainless steel nozzles according to the result you want to obtain. It's up to you to surprise your guests!

This pastry nozzle applicator is compatible with all our piping bags, but it is preferable to use it with disposable bags.

Instructions for use triple socket:

P repare three buttercreams of three different colors. Position three piping bags in the three adaptors. Join everything by positioning the adapters next to each other, slide your Russian socket , and screw the ring to guarantee impeccable support. Fill your piping bags with your colored preparations.

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