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Airbrush Kit + Cleaning

Airbrush Kit + Cleaning

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This Dual Action Food Airbrush Kit includes a portable air compressor, air hose, dual action gravity feed stylus, mini air filter and stand.

Which airbrush food coloring:

Order a 2nd airbrush spray pen if you want to use a non-food coloring or non-edible pigment . Thanks to this second airbrush gun you don't need to buy another airbrush to paint your objects, drawings, tattoos, makeup, spray manicure.

How to properly adjust your airbrush:

Its portable mini air compressor is lightweight and easy to carry.
Its dual action trigger design saves your dye, pigment or paint and will be less expensive for your budget.

Airbrush Features:

  • Dual action
  • Speed: 7000rpm
  • Bucket: 7cc
  • Nozzles: 0.2mm & 0.3mm & 0.5mm
  • Pressure: 25psi (1.7 bar)
  • Mini Compressor
  • User Manual

Environmentally friendly airbrush, no air pollution and no noise:

  • Non-cylindrical structure
  • Continuous operation
  • Adjustable air pressure
  • Constant airflow
  • Compact structure
  • Soft and flexible latex air hose
  • Protected by international patent law
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