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Manual Pastry Airbrush Kit + Food Pigments

Manual Pastry Airbrush Kit + Food Pigments

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This manual pastry airbrush is quick and easy to use. Ideal for occasional cake sprays.

Manual Airbrush Kit:

Insert the powdered food pigments into the tank to spray coloring sprays on your birthday cakes and other homemade baked goods.

Using this manual airbrush is fun and even children can have fun decorating their own homemade recipe.

Pull and press the plunger by hand to spray the natural pigments on your desserts adding colors and shiny effects.

Which food coloring for this airbrush:

This manual airbrush kit contains 4 paint reservoirs as well as 4 food colorings. These spare airbrush cups allow you to chain several colors of decoration on the same cake without interruption.

  • Lipodispersible edible powder
  • Use on cake, chocolate and macaroon
  • 4 pans + 4 colorants
  • Random color: purple, pink, bronze, blue, green, silver, gold, red, sky blue
  • Content: 15g

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