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Pears Silicone Mold | Pastry and Kitchen

Pears Silicone Mold | Pastry and Kitchen

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THE pear silicone mold is part of the collection of 3D fruit molds because its shape fruit 3D makes it possible to create magnificent trompe l'oeil pear desserts.

Pour your dessert mixture into this flexible silicone mold and let cool completely.

The non-stick surface of this flexible silicone mold allows the cakes to come out immediately by pushing from the bottom.

silicone mold easy to clean and convenient to store. Its push up design reduces the risk of spills by obtaining original shapes for your homemade cakes.

Characteristics of the Pear Mould:

  • silicone mold Very original food in the shape of 8 small 3D pears
  • Surprise your guests with original cakes and creative pastries
  • Material and pastry utensil quality for pro and amateur
  • Easy cleaning (cold or hot water)
  • Non-stick (does not stick)
  • Resistant (freezer, fridge, oven)

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