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Set of 3 Ice Cream Molds + 3 Free Recipe Books

Set of 3 Ice Cream Molds + 3 Free Recipe Books

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Silicone Molds for Ice Cream and Sorbets with eBook Recipe Books

Make incredible ice creams and sorbets with your silicone molds from ice cream chefs! Professional quality, these ice cream molds are extremely resistant to extreme temperatures (-60°C to 230°C).

Your creations will be suitable for the oven, the freezer but also the refrigerator. In addition, you can easily unmold your ice creams, sorbets and popsicles because our silicone molds are non-stick .

Your new ice cream molds will quickly become essential for all your events of the year (birthday, wedding, Valentine's Day...)

You also have the option of purchasing our products individually. Recipe Books Volume 2 at the price of 19.70€ each by clicking on the links below:

The Entremets Recipe Book with silicone mold

Logs Recipe Book with silicone mold

The Book of Ice Cream Recipes with silicone mold

The Book of Chocolate Recipes with polycarbonate mold

This set contains: 1 tablet mold + 1 tablet mold + 1 candy mold + 3 recipe books (ebook)

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