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Portable Electric Yogurt Maker | Tokyo

Portable Electric Yogurt Maker | Tokyo

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Portable Electric Yogurt Maker

What if you could take your homemade yoghurts everywhere? Making your own yogurts is the assurance of knowing what you eat: natural yogurts , without dyes, without preservatives.

Thanks to its USB socket, carry your flavored yoghurts with you for the happiness of your health. The Tokyo Portable Yogurt Maker is a brilliant invention!

Pour your dairy preparation to your taste of the day, close the lid and plug your usb yogurt maker into your car, office, bike, etc....

The take-out yogurt maker allows you to make vegan yogurts based on soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, etc...

Equipped with a quick program, this yogurt maker allows you to make yogurts quickly: perfect for the impatient. And for those with a sweet tooth, add cereal or muesli to your personalized yoghurt recipe .

Characteristics of the yogurt maker:

  • laptop usb
  • internal individual cup
  • compact for easy transport
  • quick assembly and cleaning
  • manual
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