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Programmable Electric Yogurt Maker | Denmark

Programmable Electric Yogurt Maker | Denmark

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Denmark Electric Yogurt Maker 1.3L

Here is the ideal solution for those who no longer trust industrial yoghurt . The Electric Yogurt Maker allows you to make your own homemade yogurts with the ingredients of your choice.

Eat healthy yogurts for your health with natural lactic ferments thanks to the technology of this programmable yogurt machine .

Make your family yogurt recipes according to everyone's tastes (vanilla, fruit, cereals) and test new ideas with coconut milk , soy milk or oat milk.

Pour your preparation into the tank of your yoghurt maker and after a few hours of thermal fermentation your yoghurts are ready to taste!

Save money by no longer buying industrial yogurts and at the same time, a gesture for the planet by avoiding throwing all non-recyclable plastic packaging and pots in your trash cans!

Characteristics of the yogurt maker:

  • transparent cover for visual inspection
  • XL bowl Or small individual pot
  • digital timer
  • touch menu
  • easy assembly and cleaning
  • instructions for use
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