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Programmable Electric Yogurt Maker | holland

Programmable Electric Yogurt Maker | holland

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Holland Electric Yogurt Maker 1.5L

Make your lactose-free yoghurts using the decreasing temperature technology of this electric yoghurt maker which allows bacteria to transform all the lactose into lactic acid.

Your homemade yogurt is ecological because you no longer have plastic pots or packaging that fill your bins! The small glass jars are reusable for life and even make homemade yogurt taste better.

Vary the pleasures with flavored yoghurts (vanilla, fruit, cereals) and textures of your choice (creamy, concentrated, Greek). Choose an organic animal milk or a vegetable milk to avoid all the allergies and bloating of some.

Prepare your homemade yogurt recipe , pour it directly into the yogurt maker for a family portion or into small individual pots . After a few hours your yogurts are ready to be tasted!

Characteristics of the yogurt maker:

  • transparent lid for visual inspection
  • XL bowl Or small individual pot
  • digital timer
  • touch menu
  • easy assembly and cleaning
  • instructions for use
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