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Electric Yoghurt Maker | Norway

Electric Yoghurt Maker | Norway

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Electric Yogurt Maker Norway

Surprise your loved ones with delicious homemade yogurts !

This family-sized electric yogurt maker will appeal to gourmets and will save you a lot of money at the same time.

Thanks to its large 1 liter tank of dairy products , making homemade yoghurts becomes quick and easy.

Flavor your yoghurt recipes with fruit, honey or chocolate for a touch of indulgence! The Norway yoghurt maker is child's play.

It is possible to check the preparation time thanks to its transparent lid. When the time is up, your flavored yogurts are ready.

Depending on the type of milk chosen (vegetable milk, organic milk, sheep's milk, cow's milk, etc.), the preparation time can easily be adapted!

Characteristics of the yogurt maker:

  • transparent cover for visual inspection
  • xl tank Or individual pot
  • compact for easy storage
  • quick assembly and cleaning
  • manual
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