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Programmable Electric Yogurt Maker | Sweden

Programmable Electric Yogurt Maker | Sweden

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Sweden Electric Yogurt Maker

This programmable yogurt maker allows you to make several homemade yogurt recipes.

Its tank with a capacity of 1 liter allows you to make a large quantity of yogurt for heavy weekly consumers of homemade yogurts .

Buying a large-capacity yogurt maker can be a bit more expensive initially, but it has some significant benefits. Yogurt makers with several pots are ideal for families.

This yogurt machine makes it possible to prepare more homemade yogurts at once and thus reduce the number of cycles to be carried out.

Characteristics of the yogurt maker:

  • transparent cover for visual inspection
  • XL bowl Or small individual pot
  • digital timer
  • touch menu
  • easy assembly and cleaning
  • instructions for use
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