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Non Stick Baking Mat | Pastry and Kitchen

Non Stick Baking Mat | Pastry and Kitchen

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This Perforated Baking Mat is designed so that the humidity does not remain under your dough during the baking of your breads, pizzas, cabbage, etc.

So the crust of your bread, or the bottom of your pasta will always be crispy.

In addition, the silicone being non-stick, you will not need to grease your Fiberglass Baking Mat.

This flexible cooking plate can withstand temperatures ranging from -40° to +300°C, and can therefore be used to freeze your products.

  • baking pastries and pastries on a plate

  • working with sugar and nougatine

  • resistant to extreme temperatures

  • use without lubrication

  • recommended use with perforated cooking plate or grid.

  • can be used in all types of oven: ventilated, deck, steam, microwave

  • easy to clean with a sponge.

Size: 20.5 x 40.6cm

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