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Rhodoid Roll 200m

Rhodoid Roll 200m

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Roll Rhodoid Pastry and Chocolate 200m

This pvc rhodoïd roll is the secret of professional chocolatiers and pastry chefs for all their desserts, strawberries, charlottes, catering starters or chocolate decorations.

With a length of 200 meters and great rigidity, this colorless rhodoïd roll allows you to cut transparent strips to easily place in your circles and individual moulds.

Once inserted into your moulds, the rhodoïd band allows the mousses and creams to set without adhering to the ring to guarantee easy demoulding.

If you prefer to handle chocolate, once your couverture chocolate is tempered, pour it over the rhodoid and let it harden. Once the chocolate has crystallized, peel off your chocolate decorations easily to decorate your pastries.

Dimensions :

  • Width 6cm
  • Length 200m
  • Weight 0.55kg
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