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Rhodoid roll 25 sheets | Pastry and Kitchen

Rhodoid roll 25 sheets | Pastry and Kitchen

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This Rhodoïd in Roll is composed of 25 sheets of 40x40cm each. Easy to use, it is ideal for easily and cleanly unmolding mousse-based desserts, for example.

To do this, simply cut a strip of rhodoïd corresponding to the inside diameter of your pastry ring, then assemble your dessert.

Our Rhodoïd roll can also be used to make decorations with tempered couverture chocolate. To do this, cut a ribbon of rodhoid then using a writing cornet, make your pattern.

Without waiting for the chocolate to crystallize, you can place the rhodoïd ribbon in a pastry circle to give it the shape of your dessert. You can also fold the 2 ends of the rhodoïd ribbon and hold them with pliers to give it the shape of a leaf or a drop.

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