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Electric Food Gun | Pastry and Chocolate

Electric Food Gun | Pastry and Chocolate

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Cook First offers you a selection of food guns and accessories to facilitate the setting up of your preparations. No more tedious displays of toppings, jellies or chocolates, our food spray guns allow you to vaporize your liquid preparations in a minimum of time.

We have selected for you this model adapted respectively to the food liquids low and medium viscosity, such as edible fats, toppings or jelly, and more viscous food products, such as chocolate.

This electric food gun is also easy to clean thanks to removable parts that can be washed in the dishwasher: round jet nozzles of different diameters, suction extension, spare cups, spiral hose.

For the professionals pastry, we also recommend our Chocolate Gun Kit with paint booth and turntable to spray color spray or chocolate decorations that are always successful without dirtying your kitchen.

OUR Food Sprayer is ideal for professionals or amateurs of pastry flocking or chocolate because of its compatibility for food contact.

This Electric Gun is therefore perfect for spray liquids low viscosity such as colored cocoa butter, oil, butter and melted chocolate.

Chocolatiers appreciate it for its ease of use, which allows them to color chocolate candies and elements with dye spray edible.

This Chocolate Gun fast, economical, precise and approved by the food industry, offers an effective alternative to brushes or spray in bottles that do not comply with regulations.

The advantages of the Electric Food Gun:

  • approved for food contact (food safety for food industry professionals)
  • perfect for spraying low viscosity liquids (cocoa butter, oil, butter and melted chocolate)
  • easy to use (coloring cakes and chocolates in minutes)
  • economical and precise in its use (chocolate spray)
  • effective alternative to non-compliant food brushes or guns
  • versatile for several uses (bakery, pastry, chocolate, restaurant)
  • improves the aesthetics and the final quality of food presentation (smooth and masks imperfections)

      Also discover our paint booths to protect your work surface during the vaporization of your cakes, desserts, homemade chocolates.

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