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Pear Chocolate Mold

Pear Chocolate Mold

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Polycarbonate Pear Chocolate Mold for 21 chocolates

Elegant and homemade chocolates are possible using the Polycarbonate Round Chocolate Mold (preferred by chocolatiers).
This Chocolate Mold will allow you to make homemade chocolates with the patterns of your choice on top of the molding. This molding model will be perfect for making assortments of chocolates in ballotins.

Polycarbonate is an ideal material for making homemade chocolate.
It allows to have a perfectly smooth and shiny chocolate on the surface of the chocolate molding.

  • easy demolding

  • extreme shine of the chocolate surface

  • lukewarm water maintenance of the surface of the mold

  • transparency of the mold for easy control of the quality of the chocolate

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