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Mini Chocolate Dipper

Mini Chocolate Dipper

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Mini Chocolate Dipper

Have you always dreamed of having a chocolate dipper your house ? This utensil adored by professional chocolate makers comes to your home in a compact version intended for home use. This Mini Chocolate Dipper is designed for individuals who love homemade chocolates. So, if you want to start making chocolates for Easter, Christmas or any other occasion, this chocolate dipper will be perfect for you.

There chocolate dipper will help you keep your chocolate at its working temperature, once you have tempered it. Tempering is the technique of melting chocolate, which consists of going through different temperature stages, to obtain chocolates with a brittle and shiny shell after crystallization.

Once poured into your chocolate dipper, remember to stir your chocolate regularly. Easy to use, you just have to select, using the wheel, the temperature at which you want your tempered chocolate to be maintained. All you have to do is make your homemade chocolates!

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