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vintage mandolin

vintage mandolin

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The Multifunction Vintage Mandoline

Cutting your vegetables into julienne strips, sticks or brunoise becomes child's play for the realization of your cooking recipes. Cutting into brunoise is ideal for ratatouille, cutting into julienne for quick cooking, cutting into mirepoix for longer cooking and slicing into sticks for pan-fried vegetables.

Cut into julienne:

Peel your vegetable. Choose the julienne blade and slide your vegetable using the push button from top to bottom against the mandolin to obtain a julienne cut in your integrated container.

Mince into a brunoise:

Once peeled, press your vegetable against the brunoise blade and slide the handle up and down to cut into a brunoise . Collect your cutouts in the container of the mandolin.

Cut into sticks:

Install the stick blade on your vintage mandoline then press your vegetable against the safety pusher. Push from bottom to top to cut the vegetable in its collection tray below.

Cut in mirepoix:

Place your food to be cut with the ergonomic pusher and thanks to the mirepoix blade cut your vegetable without difficulty. All you have to do is collect your sliced ​​vegetables in the integrated container.

Features of the Vintage Mandolin:

  • A stainless steel and composite polymer frame with handle
  • A strainer for vegetables and fruits
  • A manual ergonomic pusher
  • 4 types of stainless steel blades
  • A built-in drip tray

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