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Japanese mandolin

Japanese mandolin

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The Japanese Mandolin

The kitchen mandolin is a sharp utensil to be handled with care. We have therefore selected a majority of mandolines equipped with a pusher that holds your food while cutting it while protecting your hand from the blade.

Before starting to cut, adjust the height of the tray, install the necessary accessories then take the food with the pusher . Place the food to be cut against the pusher and hold firmly. Slide the pusher with your hand and always leave the food in contact with the Japanese mandolin by sliding it up and down without taking it off, for a fluid and regular movement.

Maintain the same pressure on your pusher for identical and regular slices (the stronger the pressure, the thicker your slice will be). Hold the mandolin with your other hand to keep it from moving or slipping while cutting.

Multifunction mandolin

Thanks to its multiple cutting blades and its anti-cut pusher , the mandolin becomes child's play! Its stainless steel blades and its different graters allow you to make all your homemade recipes! Adjust the thickness of the slices by adjusting the shapes before slicing: regular fries, juliennes, vegetable tagliatelle, thin, waffle or wavy chips, etc...

Thanks to its ergonomic handle for a good grip, this non-slip mandolin is equipped with its more practical container than the cheap mandolin balanced above the salad bowl.

With the multifunction Japanese mandolin , its blade locking system and its push button, mandolin safety is optimal. Practical, easy to handle, precise and easy to maintain, the mandolin has become an essential tool in the kitchen for slicing and grating.

Characteristic of the Japanese Mandolin:

  • quick start
  • easy to use
  • practical maintenance
  • safety with push button (protection against cuts)
  • interchangeable blades (cubes, juliennes, washers, waffles, crisps, sticks, grater, tagliatelle, shavings)
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