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KIT Chocolate Gun + Dyes + Booth

KIT Chocolate Gun + Dyes + Booth

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Electric Chocolate Gun

electric chocolate gun

To make a velvet effect flocking perfect and gourmet: opt for the Chocolate Gun . fill it in bucket of 800 ml with a mixture of 50% chocolate and 50% cocoa butter to use this Electric Gun . With a power of 40 Watts, the chocolate sprayer has a heating ring surrounding the nozzle to maintain the melted chocolate .

red velvet effect cake

Moreover, the Electric Chocolate Gun helps to slow down the cooling of your chocolate , leaving you time to make the velvet topping of all your pastries.

Flocking Pastry

black velvet effect cake

Fitted with a spiral-shaped piston, the chocolate gun will give you a spray uniformity of your chocolate mixture / cocoa butter on all your preparations. For a velvet frosting original, add fat soluble food coloring to your chocolate and make a topping as beautiful as good!

green velvet effect cake

  • chocolate gun electric
  • Dyes food
  • Cabin protection
  • Ideal for chocolate flocking
  • Heating ring that maintains the liquid chocolate
  • Spray uniform
  • Nozzle: 0.8mm
  • Bucket: 800ML
  • Power: 40W

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