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KIT Chocolate Gun + Dyes + Booth + Tray

KIT Chocolate Gun + Dyes + Booth + Tray

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Electric Chocolate Spray

Opt for this Chocolate Gun to obtain a chocolate flocking with a perfect and gourmet velvet effect .
This electric chocolate gun will spray your chocolate & cocoa butter mixture evenly on all your preparations.

Velvet effect or Mirror effect

To succeed every time with an original mirror glaze , add fat-soluble food coloring to your chocolate and make a topping as beautiful as it is good!
Fill the 800ml cup with a 50% chocolate and 50% cocoa butter mixture to use this chocolate spray gun .

Chocolate Pastry Gun

This food sprayer has a heating ring surrounding the nozzle to keep the chocolate melted. This chocolate spray gun will slow down the cooling of your chocolate, giving you time to do the velvet coating of all your pastries.

Chocolate Gun Kit

Thanks to this complete chocolate spray kit, you are ready to make decorations by spraying your dark, white or milk chocolate evenly by placing your cake on the turntable. Thanks to its paint booth you protect your kitchen and worktop against spraying chocolate or other food liquids .

This chocolate gun kit contains:

  • food coloring
  • paint booth
  • turntable
  • electric chocolate gun
  • video demonstration
  • nozzle: 2.5mm
  • power: 650W
  • tank: 800ML

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