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KIT Chocolate Gun + Food Coloring

KIT Chocolate Gun + Food Coloring

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electric chocolate gun

The chocolate gun is often a chocolate lover's best friend. christmas chocolate , Easter chocolate , chocolate candies, chocolate velvet effect every day of the year! Thanks to this compressor chocolate gun portable the chocolate flocking is accessible even to the beginner. Its comfortable grip without hose will be as pleasant as a spray can aerosol without the dangers and inconveniences.

Velvet chocolate spray

All the chocolate brands are compatible with this special pastry gun : Valrhona, Callebaut, Barry, or any brand rich in cocoa butter in order to spray spray your liquid chocolate . This food gun is compatible with all soluble food liquids .

Pastry flocking

Thanks to this orange chocolate gun THE pastry flocking will become child's play.

Pour your Valrhona brand chocolate (cocoa couverture) liquid after tempering, press the trigger to spray your cake chocolate spray and get a velvet effect or shiny effect depending on the setting of your chocolate spray .

This chocolate gun kit contains:

  • Food colorings
  • Chocolate gun (integrated compressor)
  • Nozzle: 2.5mm
  • Power: 650W
  • Bucket: 800ML
  • User manual

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