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Multifunction Electric Waffle Maker

Multifunction Electric Waffle Maker

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Multifunction waffle maker: Bubble Waffle, Donuts, Panini

This new multifunction waffle maker allows you to make several types of homemade waffles with a single device.

How to cook waffles in a waffle maker?

Preheat your electric waffle maker . Most modern waffle makers have an indicator light that turns on or off when the desired temperature is reached.

Use a little butter or oil in your batter and grease your homemade waffle iron well. It's best to use oil, but melted butter works just as well with a brush or silicone brush.

Wait about 5 minutes for your homemade waffle to be ready. When there is no more steam escaping from the waffle maker, you can take out your waffle using a fork.

How to have crispy waffles?

To make your waffles crispy , replace part of the milk with water. The milk adds creaminess to the waffle batter to make it softer and smoother. By reducing the quantity of milk, you will make your waffles soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Which waffle maker for Liège waffle?

Liège waffles are the classic Belgian waffles that everyone loves!

This Multifunction Waffle Iron has a waffle plate that allows you to make 4 small Liège waffles, 2 medium waffles or 1 XL waffle

This Liège waffle plate allows you to distribute the heat evenly and obtain golden brown and crispy waffles in a few minutes.

Which appliance to make paninis?

The panini device is also used to grill, cook your waffles or croque-monsieur. Few machines are only intended for cooking this Italian sandwich .

This multifunction device has a panini plate so that you just have to change it on the waffle iron in order to be able to make your homemade panini easily.

How to use the Croque-monsieur machine?

Homemade Croques Monsieur become child's play thanks to this versatile waffle maker .

Place your croque-monsieur plate in your croque-monsieur waffle maker and preheat the appliance, a red light will come on. It will turn off when the ideal temperature is reached.

When you prepare your croques monsieur, never put cheese on top, so that it does not stick to the baking sheet. During the first heating, a slight release of odor or smoke may occur.

Features of the Electric Waffle Maker :

  • multifunction device
  • waffles and their shapes
  • waffle maker power
  • interchangeable plates
  • double sided
  • electric thermostat

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