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Hot Dog Waffle Maker

Hot Dog Waffle Maker

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Finally make your Hot Dog Waffles at home like those of catering professionals.

Your Waffle Hot Dog recipes are customizable according to your tastes or your diet:

  • salty or sweet
  • flowing cheese
  • cooking without oil
  • meat or vegan sausage

The non-stick material of this electric waffle maker allows you to make your homemade waffles without adding oil.

Thanks to this electric waffle maker, there is no need to immerse your waffle or corn dog waffle in an oil bath like a fryer. Its electric power heats your homemade waffles evenly thanks to its textured double wall.


Pour your homemade waffle batter into the mold of the electric waffle maker then place your sausage, vegetable or condiment in the center before closing the lid.

To obtain a version of your Hot Dog in the shape of a Waffle Lollipop , simply add a wooden stick (skewers) in the hollows provided for this purpose on the sides of the Stick Waffle Maker .

The Hot Dog Waffle Batonnet will be ideal for your family celebrations or your evenings with friends. Easy to enjoy without having your fingers covered in mayonnaise or ketchup. Children will not be able to do without it!

Hot Dog Waffle Maker Features :

  • 6 individual waffles
  • robust quality
  • uniform distribution
  • non-stick coating
  • easy cleaning
  • electric power 850w
  • cheap lollipop waffle maker

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