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Bubble Waffle Maker

Bubble Waffle Maker

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The Bubble Waffle is a gourmet bubble waffle whose spheres can be filled or not depending on your homemade recipe. Pour your batter onto the waffle plate then close it so that the two parts form a bubble of batter. After a few minutes, your homemade bubble waffle is ready to eat!

This bubble waffle maker is sturdy and easy to use to please the whole family. Make sweet bubble waffles filled with chocolate or savory filled with cheese, for example.

Formerly reserved for catering professionals, this waffle maker is finally accessible to the general public who loves these new gourmet and fun waffles to make yourself. Thanks to its protective handles, it is no longer possible to burn yourself with this model for individuals.

Bubble Waffle Maker Features :

  • non-stick coating
  • 360° rotation
  • anti-burn handles
  • easy to clean
  • suitable for beginner

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