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Kit of 7 Flowers Pastry Tips | Pastry and Kitchen

Kit of 7 Flowers Pastry Tips | Pastry and Kitchen

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KIT of 7 Stainless Steel Pastry Nozzles Special Flowers

  • 7 different pastry nozzles
  • Flower nozzles Stainless quality
  • Easy cleaning stainless steel socket
  • Convenient socket storage

How to make flowers with a piping bag?

  • Prepare the pastry bag and the stainless steel socket
  • Cut the tip of the piping bag
  • Insert the sleeve in the bag
  • Pour the cream into the poached
  • Put it down flower socket onto your pastry and gently lift the tip before squeezing out the cream. Recommended height above your cake to make a poaching flower-shaped 2-3 cm.
  • After use, do not forget to wash the stainless steel tip

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