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Flower socket stainless steel | Pastry and Kitchen

Flower socket stainless steel | Pastry and Kitchen

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This new stainless steel nozzle allows you to make beautiful flower piping in pastry cream or meringue.

Place your flower tip at 90°C on the surface of your cake or pastry.
Squeeze the stainless steel piping bag until you get a pretty flower based on your cream recipe.
Pull up in a quick motion, releasing the pressure on your pastry bag .

How to use a socket?

1. Prepare the pastry bag and the stainless steel tip
2. Cut the tip of the piping bag
3. Insert the sleeve into the bag
4. Pour the cream into the pocket
5. Place the flower nozzle on your pastry and gently lift the nozzle before squeezing the cream. Recommended height above your cake to make a 2-3 cm flower-shaped piping .
6. After use, do not forget to wash the stainless steel tip

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