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Airbrush Paint Booth Pro | Pastry and Chocolate

Airbrush Paint Booth Pro | Pastry and Chocolate

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Professional paint booth

A large stand that is easy to set up and use! This paint booth closes like a briefcase.

This protective booth helps keep your work environment clean by reducing hazards when spraying in confined areas.

The large volume fan spray extracts and reduces fumes from airbrush sprays and spray guns .

Protective cabin for spraying dyes

Place the exhaust pipe outlet between a small window or door space.
Portable and compact, this airbrush paint booth easily folds into a suitcase with handle for transport or storage.
  • Ideal for keeping particles and vapors away from your working environment
  • 2-layer high density fiberglass cabin filter .
  • Internal turntable allows you to reach all areas to be painted easily.
  • Power of 25w with a ventilation extraction rate of 4 m3/min
  • Light for a weight of only 4.6 kg
  • Exhaust extension pipe: flexible pipe that extends up to 170cm
  • Spray booth instruction manual
Check out our presentation video:

Note: Not intended for use with hazardous, flammable or explosive materials

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