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Airbrush Pastry

The airbrush allows any amateur pastry chef to color cake, cupcake, layer cake, or other pastries like a real chef! Thanks to its liquid food colorings, the food airbrush allows you to obtain a uniform and homogeneous color on all your homemade cake recipes, or to create visual effects with ease.

OUR beginner airbrush will allow you to familiarize yourself with the technique of flocking on cake and start making big savings by stopping buying velvet spray or food coloring spray every time you want to make an original birthday cake

The pastry airbrush is ideal for transforming your desserts into a masterpiece with a few drops of food coloring specially adapted for the vaporization of natural pigments .

Our airbrushes are equipped with compressors suitable for decorating cakes and their spraying power is ideal so as not to damage your delicate gourmet recipes.

Airbrush Kit with Compressor

The compressor airbrush is more effective than a simple food bomb spray for decorating pastries, birthday cakes, or wedding cakes. This electric device will allow you to completely cover your cake easily with a color gradient, or even unique graphic effects.

Thanks to the airbrush compressor , the source of compressed air to spray the air from the flexible hose and the food coloring is diffused by a balanced jet . The more you use your air-brush long and steadily, the higher the air pressure of the compressor number of bars . The ideal is to use a paint booth so as not to decorate the walls of your kitchen because the objective of the pastry airbrush is to decorate your cake.

Cake Painting Booth

The Culinary Paint Booth allows you to make airbrush or chocolate spray decorations while protecting your work surface. Achieve your velvet effect and your quality decoration, inside your Airbrush Paint Booth without splashing.

In addition, the Paint Booth is easily foldable and washable for easy storage and transport.

Cake Turntable

The Turntable is ideal for making cake decorations with ease. Thanks to its non-slip surface, the dessert turntable allows you to rotate your cake to finalize its decoration and icing easily.

The pastry turntable can also be used as a presentation support for your cake, and adapts to all the diameters of your homemade cakes.

The cake turntable is the essential accessory for all lovers of layer cake, molly cake, birthday cake, unicorn cake, smoothing naked cake, mirror icing of your dessert.

Velvet Spray on Pastry

To do this, simply fill the cup of your airbrush with edible coloring and press the button to spray the coloring on your cake. This control knob allows you to manage the airflow and the amount of food coloring sprayed .

In order not to damage your airbrush, it is essential to use airbrush food coloring . To be sprayed properly, the food coloring must be thin and runny enough to avoid clogging your air-brush.

Choose the edible airbrush to decorate your homemade cakes easily and surprise your loved ones!

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