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Homemade Chocolate Egg Recipe

Homemade Chocolate Egg Recipe

This chocolate recipe is ideal for a hollow chocolate egg about 10 cm long. If yourchocolate mold is a different size, you will need to adjust the amount of chocolate coating if necessary. Choose a round mold with two cavities, one for the top of the egg and one for the bottom. The bottom should be slightly flattened so that the egg can balance easily.

A note on chocolate : We recommend using tempered chocolate or chocolate candy for this recipe. If you melt plain chocolate without tempering it, it will be dull or streaky, won't come out of the mold easily, and will be soft at room temperature. Tempering chocolate is the best solution, but since it is difficult to temper small amounts of chocolate, you will probably need to temper around 500g. You can use the excess chocolate to make other candies, or you can take a shortcut and use a candy chocolate coating.

The Ingredients of the recipe:

  • Optional: 1/4 cup white candy coating (or colored candy coating for decoration)
  • 10g chocolate candy coating (or tempered chocolate)
  • 1 egg-shaped chocolate mold with a separate upper and lower cavity, about 10cm long.

The recipe steps:

Gather the ingredients and the chocolate mold .

hollow chocolate egg ingredients

Make sure your chocolate mold is clean and completely dry. Carefully wipe the inside clean and streak-free to give your chocolate candy the best possible shine.

mold the egg onto the surface with a paper towel

If you want to decorate your chocolate egg with colorful designs, melt your white or colored candy coating in the microwave in short intervals, stirring every 15-20 seconds until melted and smooth.

melted white chocolate in a bowl

Pour the coating into a paper cone and cut off the end. You can also use a pastry bag with a hole in the corner, or paint the coating using a small paintbrush. Place the coating inside the mold according to the pattern of your choice. Stripes, swirls, flowers or dots are all great decorations. Remember that the words are trickier as they will appear upside down on the outside of the egg. Once your design is complete, briefly refrigerate the mold to harden it.

white chocolate decoration inside the egg mold

Melt the chocolate couverture in a microwave-safe bowl, stirring every 30 seconds to prevent overheating. Let it cool until it's still warm and runny, but warmer to the touch.

melted milk chocolate in a bowl

Drop several tablespoons of melted coating into each cavity. Swirl it around so it begins to move and cover the inside of the cavity, then use a clean silicone brush to brush the chocolate in a thick layer around the sides of the cavities. Make sure that the chocolate layer is thick so that the egg has a good structure and that you don't drag your brush in the patterns you have drawn on the mold. Add more coating as needed to the molds until you have enough to cover all the interior surfaces with a nice thick layer of chocolate.

milk chocolate in an egg mold

While the chocolate is still wet, scrape the top of the mold with a stainless steel spatula or chef's knife, to clean the edges of the chocolate mold so that the finished egg has smooth edges.

The chocolate is unmolded from the mold

Let the mold stand at room temperature for the coating to set. Once it has hardened, refrigerate the egg mold briefly until the coating is very firm (this will make it easier to unmold). Turn the pan upside down an inch or two above your countertop and gently rotate it to push the egg halves out of the pan. If you used the coating or tempered chocolate, it should come out easily.

Chocolate unmolded from the egg mold

Fill the bottom of your egg with the chocolate candies of your choice.

chocolate egg mold filled with treats

To stick the top half to the bottom, spread some melted chocolate around the rim of the bottom half and press them together. If desired, you can use the excess chocolate to draw decorative dots or lines around the center of the egg.

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