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Pastry training: how to sell your cakes at home in 2021?

how to become a home baker

How to become a home baker?

Pastry is your passion and you have always wondered if it is possible to make it your job without having to open a physical shop?

Do you dream of working from home and no longer having a boss? No longer be forced to have to choose between professional life and family life? Make your favorite recipes and become a pastry chef at home ?

Each of us has his own personal reasons, but your future professional reconvension is no longer a dream or a difficulty thanks to the new online training courses!

home baking training

What training to be a pastry chef at home?

There are several training courses to become a pastry chef , however few training offers to convert into a pastry chef at home . Some distance or face-to-face training is not very flexible for those who already have an activity or family constraints.

These pastry chef training courses do not allow you to arrange your own learning schedules or to be able to rebroadcast the technical explanations and the pastry chef 's little secrets.

home baking training

How to convert to pastry?

All you need is adult pastry training , a few hours a week and a little motivation. After a few hours of theoretical lessons and after a few months of training, you will have validated your professional retraining !

However, some restrictive training courses such as the very expensive pastry CAP will require you to buy a whole range of pastry equipment that you will only use for the exam session!

These pastry training courses often take place in schools, mostly made up of young students and are not suitable for adult apprentices or mothers.

Unfortunately, many motivated pastry enthusiasts postpone their project until later and in the end never get started and miss this magnificent opportunity to realize their dreams.

how to sell homemade cakes?

How to open a pastry shop without a diploma?

It is possible for a person who does not have a pastry diploma to open his physical pastry shop under certain conditions:

  • be able to demonstrate experience in this sector of activity


  • have within his team, an employee who has obtained his pastry CAP or BEP

How to become self-employed in pastry?

To practice as a self-employed pastry chef from your home, you must hold a pastry CAP, a professional certificate or an equivalent training certificate. The CAP is obtained after 1 to 2 years of intensive training, unlike online pastry courses .

How to become a pastry chef without a diploma?

If you don't have the time or the motivation to obtain your pastry CAP , there are other online training courses that allow you to obtain a professional training certificate to start your pastry project at home . You will also be able to teach your own baking lessons at home afterwards, thanks to your new skill.

self-employed pastry chef training

Nowadays there are pastry training courses that will allow you to start your pastry business at home without difficulty.

Loua, a dynamic young pastry chef at home, has experienced all the difficulties of the professional retraining process and has chosen to share her experience with future pastry chefs and pastry chefs who wish to do the same.

Thanks to its online pastry training, learn all the techniques and secrets of cake design in a few days and turn your passion into a profession!

This young pastry mum takes as much pleasure in sharing her recipes and little secrets as in savoring delicious homemade cakes .

see online pastry training

Whether you are in pastry, in events, employee, student, at the end of this training you will be able to:

  • to develop recipes and toppings adapted to the designer cake
  • learn the specific structure of layer cakes and custom cakes
  • learn the basic techniques of decorating holiday cakes
  • to understand the fundamentals of business creation specific to the field of pastry
  • to choose the legal status of your future company
  • know the basics of a business plan
  • to develop your business strategy and to know the sales techniques that have enabled Loua to live comfortably.

"Since I have been a pastry chef at home, I have doubled my salary and only work half the hours of my old job!" - LOUA

In short, you will learn all the basics of event baking.

Loua reveals all the pastry techniques offered in training to allow you to make your most beautiful cake design remotely!

Here is the list of event cakes and designer cakes that will hold no secrets for you:

  1. Wedding Cakes
  2. sweet table
  3. macarons
  4. Crazy Layer Cakes
  5. 5 pastry secrets
  6. Drip Cakes
  7. Soccer ball
  8. Handbag
  9. Square cakes
  10. Royal icing cookies
  11. Pastry Airbrush
  12. Business creation
  13. Bonus Module

Click on the image below to see some of the achievements of Loua students as well as their testimonials following their online training :

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