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How to choose your pastry airbrush

how to choose your pastry airbrush

If you like decorating cakes, you may be dreaming of using a pastry airbrush kit spray colors like the greatest pastry chefs .

Using a food airbrush allows you to decorate your cake or dessert more easily and quickly than other types of dessert decoration. Airbrushing is a great way to color fondant or icing on cakes, pastries and chocolate candies.

By investing in an airbrush kit , you can take your cake and cookie decorating skills to the next level.

Airbrushes are fun to use and promise professional results for any cake decorating enthusiast .

If you want to take it to the next level, you should consider decorating cakes and creating a complete design with a quality pastry airbrush .

However you must first know the basics before purchasing an airbrush food coloring sprayer.


Food colorings :

You need to check whether the food coloring comes with the airbrush kit or not. There are few models in the market which can be used for multiple purposes like crafts, designing tattoos, makeup and many more.

So you need to check whether the proposed paint is edible food coloring or not. If not, you will need to invest in good quality, safe food coloring.

Airbrush Accessories :

You should opt for models that offer you additional accessories that can be of great use to you.

  • For example, several models come with an airbrush holder , stencils, tools for cleaning nozzles, a cleaning brush and much more.
  • If the kit comes with stencils, you can be sure you can make beautiful designs on your cakes. These can be used with the airbrush to create amazing designs.
  • You can also simply sprinkle cocoa powder and frosting over the design to form patterns with the stencils. Most kits offer stencils for cake decorators or you can easily make them yourself.

Ease of cleaning the Airbrush :

If you opt for an airbrush cake decorating kit , obviously you might be offered a few supplies to help you out, such as pastry piping bags, baking accessories , and more. yet more tips. Be sure to choose models that can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher or with a cleaning liquid.

Models to spray :

If you like creating fine designs, you should first review the specifications of airbrush templates . This will help you understand the type of patterns you can create using the kit. There are several models that only allow the creation of patterns at the vanishing line.

Other templates allow you to create a variety of designs. You will need to choose a template that allows you to create a variety of designs so that you can write messages and design the cake with much ease using just one airbrush kit. So choose models with a fine or adjustable nozzle.

pastry airbrush kit

In Summary :

Airbrushes can prove immensely beneficial for decorating your cakes and for several other uses. With few options available on the market, you have to settle for an airbrush system that serves the purpose you want.

You should opt for a design that is made from sturdy material and is also safe to use, especially for decorating cakes and desserts .

We have also compiled a list below of factors to consider before buying the best airbrush for cake decorating. You can review them in order to invest in an innovative and functional product that meets your needs.

Here is a video tutorial for beginners with the pastry airbrush :


Use of the Pastry Airbrush :

You can use the pastry airbrush to add designs, special effects and patterns to isomalt, icing, piping, fondant, sugar paste, gum paste and cakes.

Baking airbrush brings your baking imagination to life. To decorate, you must apply the airbrush color to the frosting already present on the baked cakes or cookies. You don't have to mix the color into the frosting and then apply it to your cakes or cookies.

Pastry airbrushing also allows you to make precise decorations. The technique is quite neat compared to the traditional decorating method of filling and using tubes of frosting.

There are dozens of airbrush food colors on the market. These paints are available in different brands and colors, making your food coloring job easier. To decorate cakes, just fill the airbrush with your favorite edible paint color and start creating!


The Pastry Airbrush Kit :

Airbrush kits , edible paints and airbrushes are easy to use for both beginners and experienced bakers. Kits make it easy to color, shade or mix different areas of fondant and icing on the cake . You can also use edible paints with stencils to write script or add detailed accents and patterns.

With a cake airbrush kit , all you need is a little imagination and practice to create amazing baked goods in no time!

If you're just starting out and just looking for a simple cake decorating tool, go for a single action airbrush. With this pastry airbrush , you can work slowly while learning its capabilities. When you get more comfortable with the tool, you can upgrade to a dual-action gravity-fed airbrush.

As you improve your cake decorating skills and expertise, you can choose to use one airbrush per color or one bottle for each color. To speed up your production, consider using a siphon-fed airbrush .


The Different Types of Airbrush :

  • With an internal-mix airbrush , air and paint are mixed inside the airbrush tip before being discharged. This type of airbrush produces a more even spray but is more expensive.
  • With an external mix airbrush , you can control how much paint to mix with a small knob on the airbrush gun. With this tool, food paint and air mix together after coming out of the airbrush tip. External cake airbrushes are suitable for decorating small areas that do not require too much detail.
  • Edible food colors can be mixed inside or outside the airbrush. How the paint mixes with the airflow will determine the appearance of the spray when it hits the surface of your cake, cookie or other pastry.

How to use the pastry airbrush :

Airbrushes have a trigger that is used to control how the food coloring works. The triggers of a single action airbrush and a double action airbrush work differently.


  • Single Action Airbrushes

A single action airbrush works like a spray paint can. However, with this airbrush you can adjust the air pressure as well as the amount of paint applied. When you pull the trigger , paint and air are released simultaneously. To stop the flow of paint, release the trigger.

There is a separate volume adjustment knob that regulates the amount of paint that comes out when you press the trigger. You can thin (decrease) or thicken (increase) the paint flow by turning the knob clockwise or counterclockwise.

The spray pattern achieved by a single-action airbrush depends on how far away the tool is when spraying . If you want a small spray pattern, spray closer to the cake. On the other hand, if you spray away from the cake, you will get a wider spray.

  • Dual Action Airbrushes

With dual action airbrushes, you can paint non-stop since you don't have to stop to adjust the paint flow . The airbrush compressor has an adjustment to control the amount of air released. Pulling the trigger releases air, while pulling it back releases paint.

The thickness of your paint depends on how far you pull the trigger. In general, dual action airbrushes give you more control over the painting process.

If you have a cake decorating project that involves different layers of color or spray widths, you will get the best results using dual action airbrushes . The spray pattern will depend on how far away you are from the cake or dessert you are spraying. If you are close to the cake, the spray will be smaller. On the other hand, if you are farther from the cake, the spray will be more important.


The Different Types of Decoration with the Airbrush :

There are three main types of cake airbrushes. All airbrushes, whether single or double action, fall into these three categories.

These categories are:

  • Gravity airbrushes

These tools require as little air pressure as possible to operate. Airbrushes work slower and therefore are great when you need to achieve detailed cake designs .

To start, you need to fill the small bowl on top of the airbrush gun with edible paint. From there, you must pull the trigger to flow air through the airgun by gravity. So gravity will force the paint into the nozzle and out of the tip.

The tips of the nozzles of the gravity fed airbrushes vary from 0.10 mm to 0.35 mm.

  • Siphon-fed airbrushes

These airbrushes are efficient and require less air than gravity fed airbrushes. Cake airbrushes spray more paint at once, allowing you to work faster.

Siphon -fed airbrushes can use bottles and beakers of different sizes and colors. Moreover, you can change the colors quickly.

The size of the nozzles of the tools varies from 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm.

  • Side feed airbrushes

These air-powered cake spraying machines have a color cup attached to the side. The tools can work as siphon-fed or gravity-fed airbrushes , depending on whether the color is above or below the nozzle.

The color cup on the side can rotate 360 ​​degrees. So you can work with the tool at any angle, including upside down.

The size of the nozzles of these airbrushes ranges from 0.10 mm to 0.35 mm.


Edible Airbrush Colors :

  • The best edible airbrush paints are those that can easily pass through the spray gun without clogging up the inside. Also, the paint should retain its body when sprayed on the surface of the cake.
  • Edible or food paints come in different colors. Depending on the type of cake decorating you're doing, you can get pearl, metallic, rainbow, seasonal, or vibrant primary colors. If you want your cake to have an iridescent property, use metallic or pearlescent food colors . To create pastel shades or hide errors in writing, decorating or spraying, use opaque white food coloring .
  • Most of the best airbrush cake decorating kits include bottles of food coloring that you can use to spray on isomalt, fondant, icing, sugar paste, gum paste, pastries and cakes.

Airbrush Cake Decorating Techniques :

  • Pastry airbrushes make it easy to paint and decorate fondants and cakes. You can use these tools to create beautiful accents, pastels and shades on your baked goods. Detailing requires long, narrow-tipped nozzles that paint spray guns have.
  • You can also use the cake guns for coverage. In general, it is easier to mix and cover large areas of a cake. However, getting the perfect spray will take practice and patience. You should not spray your pastry or cake excessively. The goal should be to cover the cake in as few passes as possible.

Watch the video above to learn some techniques that will make your cake airbrush more effective.

  • With the right pastry airbrush , you can create a wide variety of decorations. You can quickly achieve beautiful creations using an airbrush on patterns, stencils and silhouettes. For example, you can create detailed elements like scriptures , curls, dewdrops, and stems using an airbrush and stencil.

You should place the stencil close to the cake to ensure that the resulting design is not blurred around the edges.


How to airbrush on cakes and pastries :

Follow the steps below to airbrush your cakes and pastries:
  • Cover the surface of the cake to protect it from splattering the mix, overspray, or put your cake in a paint booth .
  • Make sure your airbrush is clean, put some hot water in the color cup and spray it until you see the spray is clear.
  • Spray air from the airbrush to dry out the interior, then pour the food coloring into the color well .
  • Hold the airbrush nozzle about four inches from the surface of the cake . If you hold the nozzle too close, the pressurized air can mark the cake. On the other hand, if you hold it too far away, the airbrush color will spray where it shouldn't.
  • To achieve soft, wide lines, hold the airbrush nozzle at a 45° angle. For sharper, more defined lines, hold the nozzle at a 90° angle.
  • Spray the edible color on your cake. If you want the color to darken then spray it again.


Airbrush Special Effects :

  • You can use airbrushes to decorate pastries , frostings, and cookies. You can use a stencil or pattern to print a design directly onto the fondant, then use an airbrush to add depth , detail, and texture.
  • If you want to create edible art , get isomalt. It is a sugar substitute that can be heated and molded into various shapes, including ribbons, flowers, and geometric shapes. After creating your decor with isomalt, use the airbrush to highlight, add dimension or accentuate the features of the shape.
  • You can enhance the airbrush decorations with various elements such as inscriptions, buttercream accents and borders. With edible markers, you can draw or write directly on your cakes and desserts .
  • You can also make edible images using a food printer. For this exercise, you will need sheets of edible printer icing and edible ink . For flowers, ribbons or strokes, you can use rice paper. You can then airbrush your creations to add depth, shadow, and realism .

Discover our 5 ideas for decorating your cakes and desserts with a pastry airbrush in our article which we recommend reading.


Conclusion for the purchase of a pastry airbrush kit :

There are three main things to keep in mind when looking for a decoration kit airbrush cake topper. These are airbrush, compressor and edible food coloring.

  • You need to differentiate between single and double action airbrushes, how they work and their differences. The best pastry airbrush for beginners is a single action airbrush. For intricate designs you will need a dual action airbrush.
  • In general, a cake airbrush kit includes a compatible single or double action airbrush and a mini air compressor. Some of the best cake airbrush kits also come with edible food coloring .
  • State- of-the-art cake airbrush systems can come with a single or double action airbrush, but with a more complex air compressor . You can adjust the compressor to control the strength of the jet and the color that will be applied to your cake.


What is the best airbrush for decorating a cake?

There are few types of cake decorating airbrushes in the market. You must therefore be well informed to determine the right kit to choose.

If you are a beginner and want a cheap airbrush , we have a few in our online store that would be perfect for you.

Click on the image below to discover our Airbrush kit for pastry and chocolate for beginners:

pastry airbrush kit

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